Marine installation at EMEC, Orkney. Copyright Mike Brookes-Roper, courtesy of EMEC.

Building an ocean energy industry for Europe

Ocean energy is starting to gain critical mass in Europe.

This is the message we are starting to hear in Brussels.

The publication late last year of a Member State position paper on ocean energy shows growing pan-European support for the industrialisation of the sector.

A number of utilities and major manufacturers are now working with technology developers to press for a European industrial initiative to accelerate the commercialisation of ocean energy technologies.

Nowhere is this Europe-wide support more apparent than at the European Ocean Energy Association’s annual Ocean Energy conference.

This year’s event – Ocean Energy 2012 – will take place in Brussels on 26th and 27th June where the focus will be on the next steps toward industrialisation of this exciting new energy sector.

The speaker line-up includes key industry players including the European Commission, major utilities such as EDF, Iberdrola and Vattenfall, financial institutions including the European Investment Bank and Barclays, along with leading ocean energy technology developers and OEMs.

Aquamarine Power’s CEO Martin McAdam will be presenting his views on the importance of ensuring that the next tranche of ocean energy devices deployed within European waters move through a cost reduction programme.

European Commission support remains critical to the success of this industry, and this year’s conference will be a major opportunity for everyone involved to demonstrate the major progress which is being made.