Neil Davidson

“Neil entered a complex and diverse business at Buccleuch and quickly established himself as a credible and trusted member of the team. Able to work at all levels to get things done he combines a pragmatic can-do approach with a delivery focus. His personal style allows him to get on with people and lead activities effectively.”
Duncan Mackison, Chief Operations Officer, Buccleuch

Edinburgh Community Solar Co-operative
“Neil developed and delivered an excellent plan for launching and promoting the Edinburgh Community Solar Co-operative. As we worked with him he was flexible, unflappable and creative. It would be a pleasure to work with Neil again.”
Richard Dixon, Director, Friends of the Earth Scotland

Aquamarine Power
“I’ve had the pleasure of working with Neil for a number of years now. His knowledge and instinctive ability to ‘just know what needs to be done’ was simply invaluable within our organisation. He was a driving force in making our company’s technology a brand name in the industry and his abilities extend much beyond his advertised remit.”
Paddy O’Kane, Chief Executive Officer, Aquamarine Power

Green Highland Renewables
“I have worked with Neil at both Aquamarine Power and Green Highland Renewables. Neil makes a point of understanding the business and its PR needs to develop an innovative programme to support the company. He will also react promptly where necessary and use his extensive network of contacts.”
Richard Round, Chief Executive Officer, Green Highland Renewables

Aquamarine Power
“Neil is an extremely bright individual who has the ability to get to the meat of complex issues and communicate these simply and effectively with key policy makers and the media. He continues to help our business raise its profile and influence policy in Scotland, the UK and beyond.”
Martin McAdam, Chief Executive Officer, Aquamarine Power

Scottish Renewables
“I have known Neil for a number of years and he has always brought energy, insight and enthusiasm to his interactions with Scottish Renewables.  His qualities, drive and understanding of how decisions really get made all mean that he is an extremely effective advocate and representative for the companies he works with.”
Niall Stuart, Chief Executive, Scottish Renewables

“Neil has made an invaluable contribution to the development of the marine energy industries over the last few years. His ability to engage constructively with both government and industry partners has placed him at the centre of policy development processes and industry initiatives. He is an effective communicator and influencer, using his thorough understanding and uncomplicated language to help build consensus and develop new strategies for achieving the desired outcomes for his company and the wider industry. His conceptual grasp of both policy and technical issues, coupled with his ability to use both traditional and social media, has resulted in increased profile for his company and improved the wider understanding of the issues facing the marine energy industry. I have thoroughly enjoyed working with Neil and believe he would make a very positive contribution to any communications team or strategy.”
David Krohn, Wave and Tidal Energy Development Manger, RenewableUK

BT Global Services
“I would have no hesitation in recommending Neil to any organisation, he is self-starter, highly committed and able to delivery excellent results within tight and often stressed time constraints. Neil also showed great leadership & management qualities when helping to develop colleague’s skills and understanding in different situations. Neil is well respected by everyone that works with him, customers, management, direct reports and peers.”
Susan Thompson, Head of Government Project Marketing, BT Global Services