Communicating your organisation’s message to the media and politicians is a corporate necessity, not a luxury.

Neil Davidson offers businesses a professional and comprehensive approach to politics and the press.

A trained journalist, he has worked for major organisations including the Crown Estate, the BBC, Scottish Natural Heritage, BT and Aquamarine Power.

Whether it’s managing the media, or influencing policy, Neil offers clients a clear and practical approach to either or, more powerfully, to both. 


  • Developing strategy

    Neil will take time to understand your business, its opportunities and threats – then work with senior staff to develop effective PR and public affairs strategies in support of your aims.

  • Media and online

    With over 20 years' experience, Neil can get your message into the media – whether it’s the FT, BBC or Stornoway Gazette. He’ll turn copy, tweet, blog or be your man facing the mike.

  • Thought leadership

    Neil has a growing track record in thought leadership, penning insightful blogs and white papers on behalf of industry leaders to ensure their views are shaping the agenda. 

  • Public affairs

    Using his extensive network of contacts, Neil will help you build relationships with key politicians and policymakers, so you can explain how their actions affect you.   

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